OpenMusicMedia Toronto, modeled after OpenMusicMedia London first started by Dave Haynes and Jonas Woost in the UK, is an informal meetup to discuss, explore and shape the future of digital music and media. Open to people in the music industry, artists, bloggers, music geeks technologists and entrepreneurs, the group serves as a meeting point for people interested in the future of digital music and related media. The goal is to provide a relaxed and informal environment to start conversations and promote openness and learning.

The format is kept as informal as possible and allows the discussion to flow freely. We don’t have badges, registrations, mics, powerpoints or record anything that gets said. The evening starts with a few drinks as everyone gets to know each other or catch up before moving on to the main conversation. We will have someone kickoff the conversation by talking about what they do and how it relates to the topic being discussed which should only last a few minutes until the conversation starts moving around the room in a round-table like manner. We will stop when the conversation comes to a natural end (or when people start getting a little restless). Of course, we encourage people to stick around and enjoy more food/drinks and keep the conversation going within smaller groups.

To give you an idea of what was covered in past UK meetups, guests like Anthony Volodkin (HypeMachine), Daniel Ek (Spotify), Ian Hogarth (Songkick), Andrew Dubber and Eric Wahlforss (SoundCloud) shared their experiences and insights as it related to the theme of each meetup. For example, Daniel Ek (Spotify) talked about Access vs Ownership of music. Other topics that have been discussed include Music as Culture, Videos and Music, On Sounds and Clouds and 1000 True Fans. Please visitOpenMusicMedia London to learn more about what’s happening in the UK.

We have a lot of ideas and themes for the Toronto edition of OpenMusicMedia and are always open to new ideas, contributions, suggestions and guest speakers/visitors who can help make the Toronto meetup as successful as the one in London. You can get in touch with us via Twitter or email.

Josh Newman (@3rdparty) and Gabriel Nijmeh (@gcn1)

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